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I have been integrating Bhartiyavidya capsules along with my books and the blackboard while explaining the lessons to the children. I often pause the capsules while explaining and draw and explain on the blackboard. In this way I have found that children tend to respond better and this has helped them in making the concepts clear for themselves. The music has always helped in capturing the attention of the class while giving them a free run of the capsule but while explaining I often mute the sound.

After using the Bhartiyavidya capsules for all these months I have seen that most of the average students as well as the slow learners have improved much in my subject. They have taken up an interest in knowing more about it. Bhartiyavidya has really helped in making education more interesting and informative in my classes.
Ms. Julie Baruah, Miles Bronson Residential School Guwahati

I have been using the JIL package for Geography since April 2004.It has been one of the most useful teaching aids for me, which has left both my students, and me satisfied. Earlier I used to try and explain folding and faulting using paper, cloth, hand but the impact was never the same. If I get better answers and response from my students today, in some way I know that I owe it to JILIT.
Ms. Punam Singhal, The Heritage School, Vasant Kunj, Delhi

What I like best about Bhartiyavidya is that it is very user friendly and easy to access as compared to other software.
Mrs. Monica Chopra, CCA School, Gurgaon

Earlier I used to go in the previous period to draw diagrams on the board. Now, with just a click of the mouse I get a more accurate figure on the screen.
Ms. Anitha Jacob (Biology), Vidya Niketan School, Bangalore

While using Bhartiyavidya capsules, I pause and explain with the different colour pens. Then I re-run the full capsule. I teach from the textbooks using the conventional teaching aids and then Bhartiyavidya capsules are used. During revision in the higher classes, if time permits then I rerun the capsules or on the request of the students it is done.

In the short time that I have used this aid, I’ve felt that the interest of the students has soared up. It is so because a visual impact is so much more effective in the teaching-learning process, than a two-dimensional textbook. As compared to my previous teaching experience where the school lacked this facility, I have found that here the students have a clearer concept and are more prompt in answering.

About the music that the capsules have in their background, the students like it but we sometimes face a little disturbance. As it is optional, it can be switched off. I am highly satisfied with this concept of teaching and hope that the future capsules shall be of greater help.
Ms. Jhinuk Duttaray, Miles Bronson Residential School, Guwahati

The software developed by JIL will prove an effective teaching aid for the teachers. The most significant feature of the software is that it is very easy to operate and is user friendly. The description contained in the capsule is very relevant to the topic. And is not too much time consuming. It would definitely help the students to understand the concept easily.
Ms. Simmi Sharma, DAV International School, Amritsar

"Bhartiyavidya software is really educative, time saving and eventually it is a great aid to the teachers to explain their subjects and also helps the students to learn in a better way. No need of going to factories etc. ... It is an experience of witnessing the whole world by just sitting in a room" -
Ms. Shweta Jain, Pioneer Convent School, Indore

"The method of teaching students by use of multimedia facility given by JILIT’s Bhartiyavidya is quite productive and useful. Certain concepts, which I found difficult to explain in the classroom-using blackboard - chalk, those concepts have been made clear to the students through Bhartiyavidya. The capsules are clear and depict the theme in an interesting way, thus arousing the interest of students. It arouses not only there interest but also motivates them to probe deeper into the subject."
Ms. Swatantra Sandhu, Dasmesh Public School, Faridkot

"It creates a lot of interest even to the dull students. It makes the learning easy." -
Ms. K.B.R.Sridevi, Sharanabaveshwar Residential Public School, Gulbarga

"Bhartiyavidya capsule has been made to the standard of the students understanding ability. It helps the teachers beyond usage of blackboard. Audiovisual impact helps in bringing before the students eye the past, which is very difficult indeed otherwise. The class becomes lively and interesting with Audio-visual"
Ryan International School, Khargar, Mumbai

"Bhartiyavidya is excellent from the students and teachers point of view, both as it is observed that the response of the students have increased and it is also satisfying for the teachers." -
Mrs. Rupal Jhaveria, Ryan International School, Surat

"Children enjoy watching the program (capsule) they could understand it well as they were able to see the pictures in motion the information given was brief which was easily understood by the students..." -
Ms. Prathina, Sri Vani High School, Bangalore

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