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… We retain 25% what we learn and hear and 75% what we see. Therefore, Bhartiyavidya helps me to understand and clear my concepts better.
Prachi Dixit, Student of Sheiling House School, Kanpur

….I like being taught through Bhartiyavidya capsules because it increases interest in all subjects, remembering the concepts better and helps in concentrating better.
Pawan Omer, Student of Guru Har Rai Academy, Kanpur

“It is a mother of knowledge of new generation. It assists us to understand complex concepts much faster.”
Viraj Gaggar, Tagore International NRI School, Jaipur

Bhartiyavidya is an ingenious programme which increases and accelerates our interest in the subjects.”
Tanya Alexander, Navy Children School, Kerela

Bhartiyavidya has almost changed the taste of all the subjects. I really relish my subjects now.”
Abhinav Banga, Tagore International NRI School, Jaipur

"I get better marks in science and social studies" - Vikas

"I eagerly wait for my science and social studies period" - Shivani

"I understand and retain the subjects better" - Ankita

"It has improved my performance" - Shubam

"I don’t need to cram my lesson any more" - Priya

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