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"It is a wonderful package and an innovative idea to build up the concept we really appreciate it because it will certainly benefit the children in there all round development" - Mrs. S. Setia

"It is the technology of the future and must be used in the educational system right through the development of the child" - Mr. P.Sharma

"Undoubtedly the idea is good and it is inevitable to use these educational capsules to create interest in those subjects which are difficult or boring for the students" - Mr. M.Singh

"I heartily appreciate the efforts of the school in providing the state of the art facility to the students which is the need of grasping the basic concept" - Mr. S.Sood

"The concept is excellent this will help students in understanding things better" -
Mr. Deepak

"The entire concept is legendary and JILIT must be congratulated for making it possible" -
Mrs. R.Ganju

"It is a very good system of teaching it may reduce burden of cramming" -
Mr. M.Bajpai

"A good teaching aid to help students clear their ideas on their ideas on their text subjects" -
Mr. Manocha

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