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“…We watched with interest various presentations made by JILIT at various fora and felt that there was something interesting about Bhartiyavidya, which was different from what other companies do…” -
Mrs. Lata Vaidyanathan, Principal, Modern School, New Delhi

“…For last 2-3 years, my teachers and I were looking for some kind of suitable software which would help us to teach our curriculum in a better manner. When I saw Bhartiyavidya, I said my search – my journey ends here…”
Mrs. Veena Sirohi, Principal, Cambridge School, Noida

“… All those things, for which we were hunting in the encyclopedia and other places, have come to our door step after implementing Bhartiyavidya…”
Mrs. Madhu Kansal, Principal, Ryan International School, New Delhi

“…Its definitely much different and much better than computer aided learning that was being followed by various schools earlier. JILIT people do things in a very professional manner, their way of executing the plans is very systematic, they are very transparent in their dealings and they are very flexible…
Ms. Ritu Kohli, Principal, Eicher Schools, Faridabad

D.P.S. reflects a global outlook and has forged a strategic alliance with JILIT in August 2002. This has opened new vistas for computer-aided teaching in the fields of Science, Social Science and Mathematics. This programme is an exclusive, innovative approach to teaching and has set a revolutionary pace for creating achievers. The programme has helped to raise the standard of imparting education and achieving excellence. In the changing world scenario, JILIT has pioneered tools to help students to keep updated with the latest technology in learning.
Mr. M.I. Hussain, Principal, Delhi Public School, Mathura Road

Introduction of Bhartiyavidya capsules has been a wonderful experience for the teachers and the students both. Now where on one hand the teachers have most of the diagram, figures and data available on the screen only at a click of the mouse, on the other hand the students enjoy the colourful, accurate and moving pictures of all those thing which they need to know and see through their learning. They understand and retain the subjects better. The teachers save a lot of time by using these capsules and this time is utilized for more and more interaction with the students and individual attention.
Mrs. Asha Singh, Principal, Lucknow Public College

We have used Bhartiyavidya educational capsules and found them very interesting. They help in breaking the monotony of Classroom teaching. Teachers with their imagination can use these capsules to explain the concepts vividly to the students.
Mr. Pramod Sharma, Principal, Mayo College, Ajmer

Bhartiyavidya has been of immense practical use to teachers who have to introduce new concepts, particularly in the middle school. Charts and blackboard work cannot explain three-dimensional concepts, which involve movement and change. This is where Bhartiyavidya is a terrific tool. It is also an excellent way to help students visualise ideas, which involve macro or microforms of matter. The short modules ideally fulfil the teacher's requirement and help her in planning and completing a lesson satisfactorily, also making selection easy which is difficult with CDROMs. We have found it to be immensely useful - particularly for the natural sciences.
Mrs. Jyotsna Brar, Principal, Welham Girls School, Dehradun

Bhartiyavidya is a major landmark in classrooms. The advantage extends from helping slow learners, through attractive audiovisual modules and facilitates retention of difficult concepts in disciplines like Mathematics, Science and Social Science.
Mrs. Anjali Aggarwal, Principal, St. Mark’s Sr. Secondary School, New Delhi

Bhartiyavidya has given a new dimension to the teaching learning process. It is a user-friendly innovative teaching learning application of IT to classrooms. It makes learning a colourful & interesting experience. It empowers the teachers by providing a visual effect to the explanation especially when the blackboards about other visual aids fall short. It helps in explaining difficult & abstract concepts in Mathematics, Science & social science. It ensures clarity, better understanding and retention of concepts by students. Its visual impact motivates the learner & helps to grasp topics which otherwise are dry and difficult. The capsules are designed as per CBSE syllabus and at no point try to replace the teacher. They also help in quick revision & recapitulation.
Mr. Sumer Singh, Principal, The Daly College, Indore

…. We have noticed so many Science and Math’s students have scored better this year, this is to a great extent because of the use of Bhartiyavidya. Many students are not motivated towards studies and classroom teaching. The objective of starting this system (Bhartiyavidya) was to motivate students, generate interest towards classroom teaching and above all concept clarity, which is not possible through textbook and black board. I have only seen the results this year and compared but every day in the classroom you see the performance and involvement of the students. I think there is a change…
Mrs. J. Sen, Principal, Tagore Public School, Jaipur

The introduction of India’s First Digital Classroom Teaching Aid – Bhartiyavidya at ICSK has opened its vistas to an entirely new world of education where, with the aid of the computer, the students are transported from mere learning ‘from the talk and chalk method’ to a world of visual appeal and interest. Both the teachers and students are empowered and enlightened, as better teacher – learning process is facilitated. The students’ learning is enriched with the added use of graphics, video, colour and sound and it has a long lasting effect on the retention of the students, generate interest towards classroom teaching and most importantly they are able to convey the content of the lesson in all its richness, precision and comprehensiveness.

Over and above all, with the intervention of technological advancement in school education it has made teaching and learning more interesting, fascinating and joyful both for the teacher and the student.
Mr. Shyamal Dey, Principal, The Indian Community School, Kuwait

Bhartiyavidya Capsules have brought a significant change in the teaching learning process. It has equipped teachers with a teaching strategy, which is proving very useful and effective. Students enjoy their lessons through these capsules, which has resulted in better understanding of the concepts especially in science and social science.
Ms. Anita Makkar, Principal, D.A.V. Public School, Gurgaon

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