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Technical Information

The solution is scalable and employs client server architecture. The content database will be loaded on the server. This server machine should be ideally located in the staffroom so that the teachers can preview the capsules and do the requisite lesson planning. The client PCs are located in the classroom or an AV room. The teacher will use this PC to play the desired capsules which can be viewed on the Interactive board/ Smart Board/ Plasma T.V/ Normal 29 CTV through the Projector which will be linked to the PC. Interactive board gives you an option of transforming any smooth surface into a virtual touch screen after getting connected to the projector.

Client OS - Windows 2000 professional,Window XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 for
client in staff room and classroom.
Sever OS - Windows 2000 /window 2003/windows 2008 Server in Server room.
Windows media player - Windows Media Player 7.1 or higher version for all PCs.

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