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  Do the teachers need to be IT savvy?
No, they do not need to be IT savvy, just knowing the basics about computers is enough.

  Why do we need Bhartiyavidya?
We need Bhartiyavidya to give a visual effect to a teacher's explanation inside the classroom. Bhartiyavidya helps a teacher where the blackboard falls short.

  Will it replace the teacher?
Bhartiyavidya has been designed to assist a teacher and not to replace a teacher. It is a powerful tool/aid to empower a teacher. It has no voice over and is totally dependent on a teacher.

  How will it benefit the teachers/students /school?
At the teacher's level - it will help her in explaining difficult concepts, concepts at the micro level, abstractions. It also will enable a teacher to interact better with the class. It will save time. The visual impact of any concept on the minds of the students ensures clarity of concepts, better understanding and retention.

  What kind of setup is required to install Bhartiyavidya?
A server placed in a staffroom or a computer lab in which the content or Bhartiyavidya capsules are loaded. The server is connected to the PCs inside different classrooms. These PCs are then connected to CTVs (29") in each classroom. Often schools choose to connect one PC in a classroom to a server placed in a separate room where they can preview the content in their free time.

  Is it curriculum specific?
Yes, it is curriculum specific.

  What subjects does it cover?
It covers Science, Social Studies and Mathematics.

  What is the general assumption about Bhartiyavidya?
Bhartiyavidya is based on the following assumptions:

Technology cannot and should not replace a teacher

Technology can and should supplement both the teacher as well as all other teaching tools

  How many schools are using Bhartiyavidya?
Bhartiyavidya is implemented in over 400 schools including 147 provided by Government of India under Vidya Vahini Project, 3 in UAE and 1 each in Kuwait, Bahrain, Singapore, Oman, Colombo and South Africa.

  How Bhartiyavidya is useful in case of change in the syllabus?
In case of change in the syllabus the changed version is given to the schools.

  In how many classrooms can it be installed?
Bhartiyavidya is based on Client server technology. There is no limitation on the number of installations in different classrooms.

  Can more than one teacher use Bhartiyavidya in different classroom at the same time?
Yes, many teachers can use Bhartiyavidya simultaneously.

  How is it different from the other multimedia based educational products available?
It is curriculum specific, classroom centric, multimedia based teaching aid with no voice-over. It visualizes the concepts with more clarity and ease. It is the only one of its kind Digital Classroom Teaching Aid.

  Is any training imparted on the usage of Bhartiyavidya ?
Yes, two days training is imparted to all user teachers on various aspects of Bhartiyavidya so that they can effectively integrate the Bhartiyavidya capsules with their day to day teaching.

  How can we communicate our suggestions to JILIT ?
JILIT is in constant touch with Bhartiyavidya user schools through CREs. Suggestions can be communicated to JILIT through CREs/ Technical Support Team/ www.bhartiyavidya.com / bhartiyavidya@jalindia.
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