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  Knowledge and Education-Seamlessly Woven Through Millennia
Education has always held a position of significance in all homes. Children are encouraged and inspired to not just memorise things, but to gather as much knowledge as possible and develop as upright individuals.

In India from the ancient Shruti-and-Smriti (listening and memorising method) form of education that was imparted in Gurukuls to the latest Bhartiyavidya, the focus has consistently been on imparting knowledge in the easiest way so as to ensure longer retention and recall in the pupil's mind.

  What is Bhartiyavidya?
Bhartiyavidya is India's first Curriculum-Specific Digital Classroom Teaching Aid. It is a set of high quality multimedia capsules that have been prepared lesson-wise using a variety of globally searched resource material. The content of each capsule boosts retention and recall on a variety of topics with the aid of visuals that are free from voice-overs. Thereby, every teacher can explain the visuals in his/her own words and retain his/her personal touch in teaching.

  Bhartiyavidya- Integration of IT with Conventional Classroom Teaching.

  How Does Bhartiyavidya Work? - Whom is it Aimed at?
In a nutshell, Bhartiyavidya is the absolute representation of the 21st Century classroom. Today's children are exposed to a myriad topics and subjects. Left with few options, they are forced to memorise everything and reproduce it accordingly during exams. Keeping this in focus, Bhartiyavidya, a breakthrough digital teaching aid, has been developed in order to assist the educator to teach better, just as it enables the pupil to understand better. A Pleasure Ride for Both Teachers and Students Revolutionary as it is, Bhartiyavidya is here to influence and alter the conventional way of teaching forever. On the other hand, the students will find their lessons much more interesting and easy to comprehend. Bhartiyavidya is indispensable while teaching topics that are conceptually difficult to visualise and understand. It supports the teacher where conventional methods of using the blackboard fall short.

  Concept Note
Bhartiyavidya adds value to the quality of teaching in schools. Bhartiyavidya the only one of its kind IT enabled teaching solution is designed on the principle that a combination of conventional teaching (using the teacher’s wisdom, voice and blackboard) and technology assisted teaching (using multimedia) within a regular classroom and within the teaching period of 40 minutes leads to more effective teaching-learning than either full
40 minutes of conventional teaching or full 40 minutes of technology based teaching. It is unlike all CDROMs or Internet based content that is either designed for use directly by a student or is designed for use by a teacher who uses an LCD projector without the blackboard.

Technology cannot and should not replace a teacher.
Technology can and should supplement both the teacher as well as all other teaching tools.

Salient Features
Is curriculum driven.
Does only what the blackboard and other conventional teaching tools cannot or do not do.
Helps in visualization of concept where the blackboard fails.
Is incomplete without the teacher.
Is a classroom centric solution and allows for one to many teaching.
Is designed for use within a typical 40-minute teaching period.
Gives flexibility to each individual teacher to decide his/her pace of teaching.
Requires minimum computer skills on part of the teacher.
Is effective when used by a teacher with his/her own voice and usage of the blackboard.
Provides a framework to teachers to integrate work done by them with itself.

Better and in-depth concept clarity of complex topics.
Saves teaching time.
Increases interest level in classrooms and enhances comprehension and retention.
Integrated with existing style and pace of teachers.
Effectiveness can be measured along with usage patterns to see how the students are getting benefited.
Complements teaching skills of teachers.
Adds value without replacing anything from conventional teaching.

  Perception Analysis
Perception analysis based on data from 3967 students and 1217 teachers of Bhartiyavidya user schools clearly indicates improved concept clarity, higher interest level, better retentively and higher attention time span.
Scorm Certification
Vendor Name: JIL Information Technology Ltd.
Product Name: Bhartiyavidya 1.0
Category: .
  Sharable Content Object (SCO)
  Content Package
Testing Center: Wisconsin Testing Organization
SCORM Version: 1.2
Conformance Level:

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